Multiple orgasm through both anal and vagina insertion

Butt plug for anal sex

Do you want to experience other stimulus besides clitoris stimulation?

Cool plug has round design made of high elastic quality silicon.

Its bright pink gives you great pleasure at every insertion.

The easy and simple handling is best for anal sex beginner.

Easy cleaning to keep sanitation.

Use it with your partner or on your own privately.

Feeling of deep insertion / Large size beads in 2.3cm diameter for greater stimulus in vagina + anal that are already expanded.

Reciprocal orgasm/ The area that gives the highest pleasure in 1.6 diameter.

Bead sizes should be appropriate for piston movement.

1.6cm is prefect size for best pleasure.

Resilient first feeling / The insertion made of the high silicon material comes in 2.5cm diameter, the largest diameter, giving you great pleasure.

The most loved anal dildo model ‘cool plug’ in a ball type.

Hot anal attraction, entrancing analism.

Enjoy new, thrilling sense, perfect anal + vagina orgasm.

Anal + vagina multi orgasm.

Men feel very strong tightness through anal sex.

The pleasure is incommensurable with pressure from vagina muscle.

When a women reaches orgasm, the anal sphincter is naturally contracted along with vaginal contractions, thus the stimulation gives pleasure to reach a climax.