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Butt Plug Series


Butt Plug Series<br><H4>BEADS PLUG</H4>

Thrilling upgrade / Beads Plug Sex toys for female masturbators, brings you the best quality of fantastic orgasm. Enjoy the soft silicon texture of beads plug; it bends like a bow for easier insertion. Great elasticity and soft with quality silicon. For upgraded pleasure, try jumbo condoms, various Hera rings and silicon rings.

Butt Plug Series


Butt Plug Series<br><H4>HOT PLUG</H4>

Multi-purpose dildo for anal and vagina use. Stimulate your anal; it gives you a thrilling sexual experience. Soft and elastic silicon dildo for easy anal insertion. Each insertion of the lumpy plug gives you thrilling stimulation. Please use sufficient amount of lubricant. Manias even beginners can enjoy the anal dildo as it is designed to […]

Butt Plug Series


Butt Plug Series<br><H4>COOL PLUG</H4>

Multiple orgasm through both anal and vagina insertion Butt plug for anal sex Do you want to experience other stimulus besides clitoris stimulation? Cool plug has round design made of high elastic quality silicon. Its bright pink gives you great pleasure at every insertion. The easy and simple handling is best for anal sex beginner. […]